Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Interrogative Mood. A blog post ?

Reflection is necessary to improve. I've been struggling lately to find balance between critical thinking in informal conversation and just plain being critical! I find myself muttering contradictions in discussion.. me..muttering...of all people! Where has the quiet little girl I used to be run off to?
Has all of this analysis on paper disrupted my perception of the conversational hierarchy? In an essay, you are never interrupted. Microsoft may only suggest improved mechanics with its silent red underlines, yet no other author is vying for your spotlight. This is not the case in person, you see. When you have a revelation, you must wait your turn to speak. When you detect poignant fallacies in your partner's argument you cannot give them a prompt analysis and refutation. Things like manners come in to play.... hooey

I have realized in these awkward situations that a notebook can be a good friend. Not enough time to slip in your point in its necessary entirety? Write it down! Is your partner acting incredibly brazen towards your core moral beliefs? Write it down!
This strategy will not only help you relate to friends, but will also provide opportunity to understand and learn from others' viewpoints. Bite my tongue, I shall.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Argyle Socks

How my heart melts at the sight of any remnant of the 50's.

frilly aprons
high-waisted skirts
sweater vests
poky glasses
and especially, oh especially argyle socks.

Help! I'm a senior citizen trapped in a youth's body! It is no I wonder I cannot relate to rock concerts, explicit language, teenage antics.... in general. It is no wonder I best relate in knitting group.

It is becoming a nuisance how many corny jokes I laugh at in class.

teacher "jokes"--

"I'll cut off your left hand if you use the semicolon!" ...student response(w/ said punctuation)..."it is so brazen* of you to use the semicolon when I instructed you not to!"

slip of words--

"snow-man arguments"

intentional jokes--

"Why won't the crab share?........Because he's too shellfish!"

Fits of hysteric giggles erupt in the front row. Oh no....

*Brazen-marked by flagrant and insolent audacity
( thank you dictionary.com)