Monday, March 1, 2010

Argyle Socks

How my heart melts at the sight of any remnant of the 50's.

frilly aprons
high-waisted skirts
sweater vests
poky glasses
and especially, oh especially argyle socks.

Help! I'm a senior citizen trapped in a youth's body! It is no I wonder I cannot relate to rock concerts, explicit language, teenage antics.... in general. It is no wonder I best relate in knitting group.

It is becoming a nuisance how many corny jokes I laugh at in class.

teacher "jokes"--

"I'll cut off your left hand if you use the semicolon!" ...student response(w/ said punctuation)..."it is so brazen* of you to use the semicolon when I instructed you not to!"

slip of words--

"snow-man arguments"

intentional jokes--

"Why won't the crab share?........Because he's too shellfish!"

Fits of hysteric giggles erupt in the front row. Oh no....

*Brazen-marked by flagrant and insolent audacity
( thank you

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