Saturday, April 11, 2009

FCWS Blankets

We had been accumulating blankets over the past several months, the types of blankets that you knew you had to make the moment you spotted them on ravelry. Sadly, at the time, we had no babies to make them for, but made them anyway.Suddenly one day, it hit us. Our love for babies, and our ability to craft adorable things for them was no coincidence! How could we go all this time without putting the two together? We would help babies in need!
So we decided that we would make 5 girl and 5 boy blankets for our local women's help center. As soon as we finished the tenth blanket, we made a trip up to the center. It was such a nice visit, and we even got to see a young lady pick one out for her son-to-be, Jonathan.
(Wittle Jonathan will be happy to receive the Handsome Spring Blanket when he is born)

Pink Gingham

Blue Gingham

Plushy Granny Square

Handsome Spring



V-Stitch Pastels

Another Plushy Granny Square

Stockinette Pastels


Some of these blankets are available in our etsy shop, if perhaps any of them have caught your eye ;)

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