Friday, May 15, 2009

Blooms of May

It is apparent that God loves beautiful things- He makes so many of them. On our morning walks with Molly, we pass so many lovely bushes and their stunning blooms. Molly is not quite as awestruck or appreciative. We tried offering her a sniff of a small flower we had picked, and she took a big bite. Well, of course.

The flowers pictured above are our favorite, mostly because of their unique way of blooming. We found out about them on a sunny summer's day. It was a sort of miserable day actually. We were jogging with our sister, although most of the time we were just trying to keep up, huffing and puffing several sidewalk links behind. We stopped for a breather and noticed something different about the shrubs that we had passed many times before. They had sent up a stalk, and exploded with purple flowers!

Every year we find pleasure in the suspense of these mysterious shrubs. We simply cannot contain our anticipation by the time they send up one lonely shoot with one bulb placed neatly on top. A couple weeks pass of this stalk phase and then suddenly, overnight it seems, all of theses bulbs decide to burst open and show their colors. It is such a display all about the neighborhood. We are very impressed. I wonder if we are the only ones who notice this phenomena.

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