Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Etsy Items

We have been designing, and knitting, and more designing, and even more knitting. It's been a long process to list new items for etsy, mostly because we start so many projects at a time. This means we'll have a ton of new items finished at once, but with empty spaces in between. Our process can be described as a wave in the ocean. We have one big rush of finished projects, and then there is always a calm when the ocean is making up its mind about what shape, what color, and just how foamy the next wave should be. That's us.

In the Works for our etsy shops are -

blankets, hats, and booties for Double Knit Twins, our baby shop.

blankets, pouches, and cute accessories for Molly Knits, our puppy shop.

shawls, scarves, cowls, and assorted warmies for Posh Knits, our adult shop.

To be able to list any of these items, the rain must relent for our photo shoots to go well. Also, we must purchase a dress form for Posh Knits. I feel as if it is taking an eternity for this wave to come. Our oceanic minds and needles are just taking their time.

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