Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doggie Park

One of our favorite Saturday spots with Molly is the dog park.While we were there we composed a list of "What Dogs Like".

Running after balls
Prancing with other dogs
Getting wet
Getting dirty
Resting in the shade
Staying next to Mommy
Running while smiling
Digging holes
Pretending they don't know what "sit" means
Barking like they're tough
Eating grass
Running in circles
Wagging their tails
Being silly
Being called and not coming
Asking mommy to throw a ball and then staring blankly
Going for a ride in the car *head cock*
Playing when supposed to sleep
Sleeping when supposed to play

Please help us add to this list by commenting observations of the dogs in your life.

1 comment:

mandi said...

chasing leaves. acting like he wants to be awake but falling asleep the moment he hits your lap. chasing tails. chewing shoes. squeaky toys! oh there are so many i could go forever!

thanks for following my blog